February 25, 2013, Luncheon Seminar and Meeting

The February meeting was held Greek Islands Chicago. The food was great as usual.

The speaker was John Frank, Senior Vice President of the Loss Prevention Center of Excellence. The Loss Prevention Center of Excellence is responsible for global technical research and training for customers and Global Asset Protection Services associates, as well as standards development.

The topic was Supplying a Semi-Fixed Foam System, a Case Study. The study focused on bulk fuel storage tanks with semi-fixed foam system piping, and the use of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicles to supply those foam systems. Additional discussion involved the benefits and limitations of semi-fixed foam systems.

Semi-fixed systems in general are common in fire protection applications, e.g. dry standpipes with FD connections. NFPA 11 addresses the topic of semi-fixed foam systems.

Technical issues discussed mainly involved the use of ARFF vehicles for this application, which are not designed for it. Typical hydraulic calculations for the foam supply examples were presented. Suggestions for adapting ARFF vehicles for this purpose elsewhere were given. Johns PowerPoint presentation is available here.

(submitted by K. Mniszewski, 3/5/13)