November 12, 2013 Luncheon Seminar: Pointers and Potential Pitfalls – A Legal Perspective Regarding Expert Work

This months luncheon seminar was held at The Parthenon, located in Greek Town in Chicagos West Loop area.

Mindy Medley, and attorney with Clausen Miller, gave a very informative presentation for FPEs on work as an engineer and that of a testifying expert..

The presentation topics included:

First, in daily work as an engineer

  • Negligence law regarding engineers
  • An engineers standard of care
  • A heads up of potential pitfalls
  • Brief case study

Second, in work when retained as a testifying expert :

  • Law regarding expert standards Daubert, Federal Rule of Evidence 702 and Frye
  • Protecting your reputation when serving as an expert
  • How to be best prepared when drafting reports and giving testimony
  • Why are experts excluded?

The details on these topics are to be found in her PowerPoint presentation here.

One interesting development pointed out by Mindy is that effective 1/1/14, a signature PE seal in the state of Illinois may be generated by computer per 225 ILCS 325/14 sec. 14 (see (submitted by K. Mniszewski, 11/15/13)