February Luncheon Seminar – Fike Video Image Fire Detection

The Chicago SFPE chapter meeting on February 11, 2014, was held at the Parthenon, at 314 S. Halsted in Chicago. The speaker was Rick Jeffress, a Sale Manager with Fike.

Rick presented product updates and application news for the Fike video image fire detector. This is actually an IP (internet protocol) camera application that utilizes on- board video analytics to detect flame, smoke, reflected fire light and motion. An algorithm is for each mode is independently controlled and can be enabled/disabled based on the hazard or environment. The detection events are instantly reported to the Video Management System (VMS) over a standard Ethernet network connection and/or directly to any fire alarm system through onboard configurable relays. Spyderguard software detection/exclusion zones and alarm verification, combined with Signifires unique algorithm sensitivities, allow for endless configuration options to suit specific fire, smoke and intrusion detection requirements.

Application examples showed unique benefits for large and difficult facilities. Depending on the lens field-of-view used, the area of coverage can be as much as 7800-17000 sq ft per camera. Thus, a few cameras can cover a huge area.

Comparative testing (see article regarding Dan OConnors presentation in 11/10) with other fire detection technologies has shown that using UL test fires, this technology was 88% effective compared to a 100% using aspiration detectors.

A PowerPoint presentation (4MB pdf file) is available for your convenience in reviewing his entire presentation. Note that videos are not enabled in this rendition.

(submitted by K. Mniszewski, 2/19/14)