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Roger and Carol Bassett Fire Protection Scholarship
(Revised July 2013)

The scholarship Roger and Carol established at Purdue University for junior and senior students interested in fire protection engineering now has sufficient funds to give four scholarships a year, according to information recently provided by Chapter Member Roger Bassett.. The scholarships are now available in ME, ME Technology, Civil and Electrical Engineering. They are currently making funds available to the University at the rate of one scholarship every two years. The minimum amount to fund a scholarship is now $25,000.

The Roger and Carol Bassett Fire Protection Scholarship at Purdue University is being funded by the Bassetts. The FM Global Foundation is providing matching funds. The scholarship is for a junior or senior student studying at Purdue University and who is interested in entering the field of fire protection engineering.

For the student to be considered for the scholarship they must show an interest in the field of fire protection by completing research or a project related to the field or getting an intern job in the field.

Roger is a 1959 graduate of Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering and is a Fellow in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Roger retired from FM Global. As you see above Roger expanding the scholarship program to other schools at Purdue University as additional funds become available. Anyone may contribute to the scholarship fund by sending the funds directly to Purdue University at the following address:
Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center
403 West Wood Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2007.

The donation should be noted to be credited to the Roger and Carol Bassett Fire Protection Scholarship. It requires a minimum of $25,000 for each scholarship.

The University is always looking for future intern jobs for summer work and coop work to assist these students. Direct contact regarding intern jobs should be made to Jerry Mathews at (765) 494-5702 or
(updated July 2013)

IIT now offering new courses in fire protection engineering

The CAE (Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering) Department at Illinois Institute of Technology on Chicago’s South Side has had a resurgence of interest in fire protection engineering and is now offering a number of undergraduate FPE courses, according to Chapter member Carl Baldassarra, PE FSFPE, Executive Vice President, RJA Group. Carl has been pursuing the expansion of FPE curricula and recently addressed the IIT student chapter of ASCE, where good interest in FPE was indicated, to the extent that an SFPE student chapter there is a possibility.

A number of FPE courses will be offered this summer and fall and may be offered again next spring, as follows:

CAE 425 Fire Protection & Life Safety in Building Design.  Fundamentals of building design for fire and life safety. Emphasis on a systematic design approach. Basic considerations of building codes, fire loading, fire resistance, exit design, protective systems, and other fire protection systems. (3-0-3). Taught by Dave DeBord. who also teaches the below course in the fall.

CAE 461 Plumbing & Fire Protection Design. Study of plumbing systems, water supply, and venting systems. Study of fire protection systems for buildings including pipe sizing, pumps, sprinklers, gravity and pressure vessels, and controls. Prerequisites: (CAE 209) or (CAE 302) or (MMAE 310). (3-0-3)

This fall, the following course will be offered:

CAE 424 Introduction to Fire Dynamics. Introduction to fire, physics and chemistry, and mass and heat transfer principles, fire fluid mechanic fundamentals, fundamentals and requirements of the burning of materials (gases, liquids, and solids), fire phenomena in enclosures such as pre-flashover and post-flashover. Prerequisite: CAE 309 or consent of the instructor. (3-0-3)

Carl urges FPE-related organizations in the Chicago area to sponsor summer intern positions and to “talk up” the profession. The goal is to generate interest in the current FPE-oriented courses that can lead to more courses and a possible degree program. He, as well as other chapter members, recently was in contact with faculty at U of I, Urbana-Champaign, about starting a graduate FPE program there. Carl can be contacted at RJA Group, 312-879-7200.

Dr. Mark Snyder of the CAE Department is talking to students about fire protection as a specialization in architectural engineering since it is a natural fit. Depending on the interest generated, IIT can then bring back two or three courses that were removed from the curriculum in 2008-2010 and look to expanding the offerings to civil and mechanical engineering students. Further information can be obtained from Dr. Snyder at 312-567-5713. (submitted by K. Mniszewski, 5/14/12)